Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vacation Meltdown Prevention, Part II

Yesterday I decided to have an enjoyable vacation week next week as opposed to an emotionally draining cleaning fest. Here are the promised lists!

(must complete 5 for every mundane task)

blog everyday (blogtober fest) / finish crocheting beanie hat / watch disc 1 of Dark Shadows / read Death at the Priory / take 5 walks / see the Da Vinci exhibit at the High / drink copious amounts of coffee at Inman Perk / see Zombieland / bake bread / bake something with Hope / write 3 letters / watch play at the Shakespeare Tavern / bake carrot cake cookies / have a dinner with Sam / read The Dracula Dossier / finish embroidered tea towel / make apple butter / read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies / write in journal 5 times / read The Man in the Picture / hangout with Catherine / call a friend from college / random craft creations / read Harry Potter to Hope / watch a movie on TCM late at night / thrifting / visit with little brother / fix-up my creative space / bake a quick bread / watch The Innocents / visit the library / put 100 more books in LibraryThing / take an indulgent lazy nap / sort photo albums / lurk in a bookstore / watch disc 2 of Dark Shadows / start second tea towel / organize recipes / read cookbooks / play a mindless computer game / make Hope's Halloween Coraline costume/ organize holiday embroidery plans / upload pictures to Facebook / spiffy up blog


clean out desk / file papers / sort Hope's seasonal clothes / catch-up all laundry / scrub kitchen / clean living-room / paperwork and bills / scrub bathroom / clean and organize Hope's bedroom / clean my bedroom / grocery shopping / coupon clipping and sorting / discuss budget with Sam / clip Beau's nails / bathe Beau / sweep porch and patio

Let's see how much I can get done!


Mark L. Kramer said...

If you have an interest in the living dead then join us at Zombie Living...

Anonymous said...

You're almost stressing my out with your list of things you want to do!!!!

Amanda said...

Mark -- I'm nuts about the undead. I'll have to send a pic of my zombie librarian tattoo.

Anonymous - no stress! all fun!

Thomas said...

I'm a little weird, but I would put clean out desk in the "Funtastic" category. I love organizing things.