Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 Reading Challenge Roundup

When I decided the Blog Jar should have more of my bookish fancies and delights, I knew that meant engaging in challenges.  I rarely finish a challenge, mostly because I'm over ambitious, but I enjoy meeting new booknerds and focusing my reading.

Previously I posted about the challenge I'm hosting, Our Mutual Read, and now is the time to announce my crazy slew of book challenges I'm participating in.
First off is a challenge I've really enjoyed this year, the Art History Reading Challenge.  I'm starting out in the Fascinated level of participation, which entails reading 6 books about art (either fiction or non-fiction).  I've already thought of a few books I'd like to read:  The Swan Thieves, The Unknown Masterpiece, and The Yellow House are at the top of the heap right now.

Next up is a challenge that will pair nicely with Our Mutual Read, the All About Bronte Challenge!   I'm auditing a British Feminist Novel course next semester and one of the novels we will be reading is Villette, so that is certainly on the list.  Other books I'd like to check out include:  Becoming Jane Eyre, Emma Brown, Emily's Ghost, and the Life of Charlotte Bronte.  I hope to complete at least 3 books by the end of this challenge.

As you can tell, my booknerdiness knows no bounds, so needless to say I was awfully excited when the Bibliophilic Books Challenge was announced.  I read about reading all the time!!!  I'm going for the Litlover (reading 6 book-themed books) but may upgrade to Bibliomaniac.  On docket is The Man Who Loved Books Too Much, The Professor and the Madman, The Possessed:  Adventures with Russian Books and the People Who Read Them, The Shadow of the Wind, The Secret of Lost Things, and The Thirteenth Tale.

Heavens this is a superb idea, A Tudor Reading Challenge!  I'm being sensible and going for the lowest level on this one:  I'll stick with being a Commoner!  I'm going to read 5 Tudor-related books.  Possibilities include:  Wolf Hall, Autobiography of Henry VIII, I, Elizabeth, Jane Boleyn, and Katharine of Aragon.

This challenge will overlap with the next, Year of the Historical.   Some of the books I plan on reading to make up the 12 required include:  The King's Favorite, Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles, Martyr, The Nature of Monsters, A Place of Greater Safety, Pillars of the Earth, and Year of Wonders
I've got several more challenges I'm doing next year:  The Graphic Novel Challenge and the Marple, Poriot, Holmes challenges I'm looking forward to, but I haven't figured out exactly what I'd like to read or in what capacity I'll be participating.  Also, I'm certainly partcipating in Support your Local Library and Chunkster, but, once again, I don't know at what level. 

So is anyone else challenge happy?!


Kals said...

Those are awesome challenges you've listed, Amanda! I hope you have a fruitful reading year :)

Thanks for joining the Marple Holmes Poirot Challenge :)

alvin said...
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alvin said...

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Molly said...

These are some great challenges! I am still thinking about joining yours :) --- chunkster (just not sure I have enough time) and Bibliophilic (I just love books about books). I have already joined the Support Your Local Library challenge.

I do love challenges and look forward to some great reading in 2010.

Catherine said...

so basically what you've just outlined is my reading list for the next year... i will be anxiously awaiting your reviews, because your recommendations usually spur me to go to the library. i'm excited about the books you're going to read!

Eva said...

We're in several of the same challenges; I love them too! :) The Christie challenge super tempts me. :D

Lesley said...

Thanks for joining my challenge, Amanda! I am a total book nerd, too.

I love the button for the Historical challenge - it's mighty tempting but I don't know if I can add six more books to my current goal of reading six historical fiction. Hmmmm, will have to ponder that for a bit.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Support your Local Library! It's going to be a fun year!

Amanda said...

Hooray for reading challenges! I can hardly wait until New Years. I have a nerdy tradition of making a fresh TBR list and compiling the last years reading stats on new years. I'm a dork!

Anonymous said...

awesome awesome awesome I've been looking for more to join. I'm ambitious too, don't think I'll be finishing the 2009 ones :P

Anonymous said...

I love to meet fellow book nerds too! When I started reading around your blog I thought to myself, "This is a girl I could get along with." So I'm adding you to my links and keeping you on tabs, m'dear. I like your style!

I'm Michelle, by the way. ;)

PS: I hope you enjoy the Tudor challenge. I'm extremely excited for it.

Laura's Reviews said...

Thank-you for joining my challenge! That's great that you can do the Everything Bronte Challenge along with a class you are auditing this semester. You'll be able to give us the inside perspective of Villette! I love Villette, but is has been many years since I've last read it.

I look forward to your reviews!

Rose City Reader said...

I joined the Bibliophilic Books challenge too. I am excited about it. Here is my sign up post and list of book.

I look forward to reading your reviews. Professor and the Madman is terrific. Happy reading!

OMDS said...

Your challenges seems excellent. Looking forward for more episodes