Monday, December 7, 2009

The Reveal

Remember my messy living/dining area? Well, I finished a little over a week ago -- shortly before tree trimming -- and am ready to show off my more put together digs.

My study/craft area in the former dining area.

Sam's Art Nook

Library book pile

Other half of the former dining area. I thrifted that quilt rack last week for $8.

In the living room, my coffee set-up.

Dining table is now in the living room

Knitting/embroidery/reading nook in living room


I finally hung up the small thrifted shelves I bought this summer. I bought them at Goodwill for less than $5.

It is very cozy now, Sam can draw and not be distracted by the television and I can blog/write/read/craft while looking out the window and facing away from distraction.


Giggly said...

Everything looks so nice and tidy! Can you do mine next? :)

I love seeing the owl in it's nice and cozy home. I can tell he's loved.

Clover said...

It's all so pretty..