Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving seems like months ago...

Given this past week's parasite adventure, I haven't really had a chance to update on my excellent holiday time. Let's have a camera dump, shall we?

Thanksgiving smooching

Align CenterMom and Dad

Thrifting Score!

Hanging out at Catherine's house; she made a delectable Julia Child cake that was chocolatey and custardy and cakey and coffeed. She wrote down the recipe title and I lost it -- because I am a jack ass.

Hope drinking a huge mug of eggnog

Hope and Beau coordinating tree decorating

Now, I'm off to read with a steaming mug of tea. Stay warm, folks, and tune in tomorrow for the downstairs transformation (i.e. I cleaned and moved furniture).

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Catherine said...

the cake recipe can be found here: