Saturday, June 5, 2010

99 Days of Summer: End of Week 1

On Monday, I wrote about my new plan for the summer: to get things done and spend my time doing things I enjoy.  I was amazed by how much I've completed in one week:

Monday, 05/31/10:
constructed summer list
1 blog post
watched 3 episodes of Dark Shadows, Collection 2, Disc 4
spent an hour and a half embroidering a project for a friend
Tuesday, 06/01/10:
1 journal entry
read Patricia Highsmith short stories
read The Traitor's Wife

Wednesday, 06/02/10:
first library trip of the summer, checked out 5 books
1 blog post
first round of pest control to annihilate the fleas (hopefully we won't need a second round)
read The Count of Monte Cristo
watched Clerks II
Thursday, 06/03/10:
read Patricia Highsmith short stories
read The Traitor's Wife
made a new dinner recipe:  Pizza Pasta Salad
1 blog post
watched Reservoir Dogs 

Friday, 06/04/10:
went to used book store and used store credit to buy The Quincux by Charles Palliser, The Unicorn by Iris Murdoch, and The Brimming Cup by Dorothy Canfield
The Brimming Cup was a Virago!
1 journal entry
watched The City of Lost Children


Eva said...

That's so wonderful you've accomplished so much already! Maybe I should do a list like that. :) Your list's very to contemplate what I would put on mine!

Catherine said...

nice going! was the city of lost children any good?