Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And I'm Back!

Well hello, strangers!

The Blog Jar is back from the dead. Yay!

So why did I mysteriously disappear from the interweb in November?

Well I could make something up that sounds like a good reason (like a stint working for the CIA or an alien abduction or a foray into a Luddite cult) but it isn’t nearly as humorously stupid as the real reason.

The REASON: Vodka + Amanda = Retardation.

There was this night back in November when I had several vodka cranberry juice drinks and then a rum and coke (and yes, I have no tolerance for alcohol). I was really, really, really drunk. I started out as a silly drunk and then progressed to a surly drunk. Around 2 a.m. I stomped off to bed in a horrific mood.

The next morning – it was a Sunday – I woke up at 6:30 and decided that I was going to leave Georgia. As in hop on a bus that day with the Kid and scoot to Portland, Oregon. The grand idea was to change my name and become a slam poet/bookstore owner/cabaret singer.

For some reason, I thought it would be logical to delete my Georgia existence. I started with the web and deleted my Facebook account, MySpace profile, and my blog – The Blog Jar. My blog I had had for nearly 3 years and had grossed over 20,000 hits.


No more Amanda.

Goddamn it.

After my friends freaked out because I was incommunicado, I reluctantly resurrected my Facebook and created a new MySpace account; but what to do about my blog? The holidays were approaching and financial worries and social anxiety had me nuttier than the gifted fruitcakes I was chucking in the garbage.

I decided to wait until 2008 and then bring The Blog Jar back.

So I’m back and reading and not any more neurotic than is to be expected of a bookish girl. I promise not to blip into nonexistence again. I swear on my pretty new copy of the Pevear – Volokhonsky translation of War and Peace.

Expect updates soon about what I’m reading and an interesting conversation I had with a UPS delivery dude about Clarissa.


Andi said...

You're BACK!!!! I'm so glad you're back. I'm glad you're feeling better. I missed you!

Dark Orpheus said...

Welcome back.

It was curious a while back when I attempted to visit this blog -- and got nothing.

Heather said...

Thank goodness!! You had me so worried! I'm glad you're feeling better too.

I missed you SO much!!!

Traci said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome! you are baaaack. i think you mentioned that though :P

this is going to be good more BOOK TALK! YAY!

Imani said...

Welcome, welcome back. :) Can't wait to read about that UPS convo -- Clarissa is one of those books I don't think I'll ever read but like to read about.

SFP said...

Yay! Welcome back, Amanda!

Katie said...


That's all I have to say. :)