About Amanda (nerdybookgirl)

You will quickly learn that I am a lover of lists and I suppose the best way to get to know me is with a list.  So I present to you 25 or so facts about Amanda:
  1. I live in Georgia with my husband Sam, my daughter Hope (preteen), and my son Atticus (toddler).  Baby #3 will be here in February. 
  2. I also have a cat -- Beauregard Fitzgerald Capote -- and he doesn't really care for the growing family. My lap is usually occupied and Beau is grumpy as a result.
  3. I work in a library where I am in charge of all of the library's interlibrary loan transactions (borrowing and lending). 
  4. My favorite musicians include Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Explosions in the Sky, Grizzly Bear, and other indie bands. 
  5. I also adore NPR and classical music and I will occasionally endure Sam's metal music or Hope's obsessive love of Selena Gomez.
  6. I read a lot.  When I'm not reading I'm probably thinking of reading or some other bookish something. 
  7. My favorite authors include:  Sylvia Plath, Sharon Kay Penman, Wilkie Collins, Virginia Woolf, Elizabeth Bowen, Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell, The Brontes, Evelyn Waugh, Hilary Mantel, Barbara Pym, Angela Carter, Shirley Jackson, George Eliot, T.S. Eliot, W.B. Yeats, E M Forester, John Galsworthy, Sylvia Townsend Warner, Harper Lee, Dorothy Whipple, Rebecca West, and Emile Zola. 
  8. I collect NYRB Classics and Virago Modern Classics.  One day, I plan on collecting Persephone titles as well.
  9. Movies I enjoy include Lars and the Real Girl, The City of Lost Children, Amelie, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Secretary, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and My Neighbor Totoro
  10. I also love classic movies including The Uninvited, Gaslight, The Children's Hour, and cheesy horror films starring Vincent Price. 
  11. We don't have television at home, but I do enjoy watching old Dark Shadows episodes.
  12. Other hobbies include thrifting, baking, embroidery, crochet, knitting, and general nerdiness.
  13. I am slightly obsessed with owls and I have an enviable collection of owl knick-knacks.
  14. I really like tattoos -- oh yeah, and Sam is a tattoo artist -- I have 9: a Cthulhu cupcake, a zombie librarian, an anchor and Hope's name, a Sailor Jerry inspired swallow, a winged coffeepot, a winged teapot, a black pegasus, an owl in a bonsai tree with a monocle, and a shitty lizard that I got at a punker street shop back in the day
  15. I'm an Anglofile.  I've never been to England, but it is my ultimate dream to visit if not move there one day. 
  16. I detest summer, but I adore everything about late autumn and winter: pumpkin everything, blankets, crisp leaves, cardigans, skirts paired with textured tights, early nights, cold mornings, simmering soup, the yeasty smell of bread rising, the cinnamon-y goodness of holiday baking.
  17. My personality type is INFJ. 
  18. I will forever feel like an awkward twelve-year-old girl.
  19. My current historical obsession is with the Wars of the Roses.
  20. If I was on death row I would ask for my last meal to be dozens and dozens of Thai Basil Rolls.
  21. My favorite color is turquoise.  I also really like deep purples, oranges, and greens.
  22. Sometimes I have imaginary conversations with dead authors.  I believe this to be totally normal.
  23. I drink far too much coffee -- well, not right now since I am pregnant -- and it is certainly my favorite beverage.  My favorite brew method is either percolated coffee with a bit of sweet cream or a dark roast french pressed and then turned into a steamy, frothy cafe au lait.  I'm also a huge fan of the pumpkin spice latte.
  24. Although coffee has my heart, I drink tea as well.  I enjoy Twinings Lady Grey tea straight up, Twinings Earl Grey with a hint of milk, Twinings Irish Breakfast tea with loads of milk and sugar, Harney's Paris Tea, Harney's Peppermint Tea, and Harney's Cranberry Autumn Tea.
  25. Did I mention I like to make lists?  Also, I love the feel of pen on paper and I keep an "old school" journal in addition to this blog.  I also LOVE writing letters.  Please let me know if you'd like to correspond!

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Paul Kirby said...

Snark, that's s some kind of street narcotic, right? Ended up here through Sonic Youth. I have a habit of speed reading, I thought one of your listed interests was 'mystical breasts.' Sorry.