Thursday, January 24, 2008

Book #2: Lucifer: Devil in the Gateway

Title: Lucifer: Devil in the Gateway
Author: Mike Carey
Pages: 158
Date Completed: 01/23/2008
Thoughts: On the first day of the new year I was sitting in Starbucks with my roommate, Nicky, and slogging through Clarissa. One of my friends showed up and we started chatting about books and other nerd pastimes. We wandered onto the subject of comic books and he began telling me about the Lucifer comic books -- a spin-off of a charcter in the Sandman series. He started going through the plot line and I became hooked. Alas, Starbucks closed and we had to leave and I never discovered the answers to all the questions I had about Lucifer.
So, I did what any good library girl would do and dispatched a slew of interlibrary loan requests for the series. I finally got my hands on the first one. I sat down the other night and devoured the entire volume. This collection contains a miniseries-like episode and then issues 1-4 of the series. It is dark, gruesome, and Lucifer is everything you'd imagine him to be: arrogant, manipulative, suave, and hot as hell (pun completely intended).
I'd recommend this series to Sandman fans and the Milton/Dante crowd.


Andi said...

I haven't heard of this one! Thanks for enabling. I must try one.

Heather said...

Oh I haven't heard of it either! Sounds very interesting. I'll have to try to find the first one!

Mark W. said...

Excellent! From Clarissa to extreme difference that makes an odd kind of sense. Right now I'm going from finishing McCarthy's The Road, to David Wellington's Monster variable the voracious reader!