Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hacks and Tatts

Sorry for the Sunday Salon crap-out. I did read The Bell Jar for a bit and then fell asleep. I had been feeling pretty shitty and I woke up feeling worse. Surprise, surprise, I have my first confirmed case of bronchitis for 2008. I went to the doctor this morning and the gave me some gnarly drugs and a shot on the rumpus; hopefully I will get well quick. He said that I will start a-hacking soon due to the steroid shot. I can't wait (sarcasm alert). Hopefully, I will get well soon; I actually kinda miss work after the long break (slap me someone!).

I was perusing the net this morning and found this interesting article about authors with tattoos; check it out. I have three tattoos: a crappy gecko lizard on my upper right thigh that I got when I was 18, a swallow on my right inner forearm, and a black Pegasus on the side of my left calf. Each tattoo does have a story and significance.

My gecko doesn't have a story, but I think I will keep it and not cover it up because it represents my personality at 18 -- stupid and impulsive.
The bird was done by my friend Sam when he worked at New Vision Tattoo. That bird is a Panic Bird, like the bird Plath wrote about in her journals, "...it makes me feel good as hell to express my hostility for my mother, frees me from the Panic Bird on my heart and my typewriter (why?)...[December 12, 1958]." Not that I feel any hostility for my mother -- my mom is kick-ass -- but I can understand the Panic Bird being anxiety and anxiety that affects one's ability to write. The Panic Bird will eventually be part of a sleeve of all Sylvia Plath inspired tattoos.

The black Pegasus was done by my friend David at New Vision Tattoo. There is a reason for the black Pegasus and a very deep meaning and a very tight bond of friendship with a group of amazing women. Alas, if I told you the entire significance of Peggy I would have to kill you. So, enough about that.


Andi said...

I love your tats, and I love that you're going to have a Sylvia sleeve!!!!! Maybe I should get a Paul Auster back piece.


Heather said...

I love your Panic Bird. And Ellie would love your "Pegasick." I don't know why she says it that way, I've told her a million times how to say it. But it is cute when she says it that way.

You are way braver than I. Pain and I don't go well together. It's a miracle I have two kids.