Saturday, January 19, 2008

I recovered from my wicked bronchitis and was back to work this week. I was drowning in work, realized that I am astonishingly poor, and started my "that time of the month." Let's just say that I wasn't the most cheery gal in the world.
On Wednesday, my week improved dramatically. The director lady told me I wouldn't be getting a promotion. "What", you ponder, "how can that be great news?" Because I am FREE! See, it get the job I wanted in the library I would need to be a bona fide librarian with an MLS and not a meager library assistant. This means my ass needed to get into a library school ASAP. Well, the current librarian in the position I want is leaving in the summer and I am not in library school. So there we have it; no librarian position.

Awesome because I have been writing like mad lately and was most certainly not desirous to become a library student. All of my writing time would have been taken up with boring online courses, but now, now I am free. I can apply to an MFA program and no one can say I'm irresponsible for passing up more money because I want to scribble.

Ahhhhh.... freedom.

There is more I wanted to post today about my writing, but it is gray and snowy out and I have hot chocolate and the latest BUST magazine. Methinks a bit of reading is in order. I will pontificate more tomorrow.


Literary Feline said...

I am glad you are feeling better. I understand where you are coming from about the job and am glad it worked out for you in the end. I was recently offered a transfer to a "better" position, which I turned down. My reasons weren't quite as noble as yours though.

Andi said...

Very glad you're feeling upbeat about everything. Sometimes it's kinda nice when life intervenes in a way that allows us to write. I was actually relieved when Big Swanky University did not offer me a PhD assistantship because now I can spend all the time on fiction and creative non-fiction that I want!

Stay well, lady! Enjoy that Bust. I haven't cracked mine open yet, but I'm lookin' forward to it.