Friday, April 26, 2013

A Birthday Readathon

Talk about waiting until the last minute! Readathon begins in less than 10 hours and I've just decided to sign-up. I've wavered on participating because I cannot devote the entire day to reading. Readathon pretty much makes me feel like a loser. I cannot read/write/cheer/participate at the level of my book nerd idols. Nope, I'll just be reading and skipping out on all the other frivolities.

Truly I'm using Readathon as an excuse to read. I desperately miss the thrill of uninterrupted reading; much like I miss my blogging and interacting with other bloggers. Since tomorrow is my 33rd birthday, I decided to spend the morning tucked away at the coffeeshop with a book. Happy Birthday to me. Sam will be watching the wee ones in the morning and then I plan on reading some more during naptime. Tomorrow night is reserved for Sam and I to go on a date for a couple of hours; our first date since Persy Jane's birth!

I want to make this readathon also a blogathon. I'm not planning on throwing a bunch of posts online, but I'd like to spend some time reassessing the purpose and direction of my blog, do some outlining and scheduling and then start building up some backup posts. I hate the disconnect I feel from other bloggers. I truly miss the community of readers, makers, bakers, parents, and awesome people I've "met" through this blog.

Okay, here are some goals for tomorrow--

Finish Vanity Fair
Finish Rough Magic: A Biography of Sylvia Plath
Listen to an audio book
Visit the public library

Decide on whether to move back to WordPress (blogger and the blogger app is increasingly glitchy.)
Outline the month of May (generally)
Work out a plan to increase my commenting on other blogs
Find someone willing to help me possibly move my blog and make it pretty in exchange for bags of coffee.

Reading is first priority, but when I start to doze I'll switch gears and tackle some blogging issues.

I'm so ready to be back in the thick of it!

Happy Reading, Friends!



JoAnn said...

"Readathon pretty much makes me feel like a loser. I cannot read/write/cheer/participate at the level of my book nerd idols."

I've never participated in readathon for exactly that reason, but love the way you're approaching things today. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday!!

♫ Nova(lee) ♫ said...

GIMME A "R", "E", "A", "D". What's that spell? Wha-wha what?? READ! As in, you're so epic, you've read so much. Keep going, awesome blogger! And I don't know how wordpress is, but I've noticed so many people making the switch, lol

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

The read-a-thon is a birthday celebration for you, that's fantastic! For me the goal of the read-a-thon is just to enjoy reading and meeting other bloggers. I hope you've enjoyed it!