Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Fill-in and a List

1. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend reading and sleeping.
2. Egypt is a place I always wanted to visit and haven't made it there yet.
3. I've fallen in love with an Inky Darcy..... shhhhh.... don't tell!
4. Six of one, huh?
5. Addiction to brie, pear, and turkey sandwiches is likely.
6. The things Hope says cracks me up!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to reading, tomorrow my plans include coffee with Erin and Sunday, I want to avoid work, but alas, it isn't possible!

I've got lots to do today. On the docket is:
  1. shop for groceries
  2. caulk the bathroom
  3. clean the house
  4. bake bread
  5. finish Innocent Traitor
  6. finish embroidering a blouse
  7. get some writing done

Onward! Expect some sort of an update later.


Imani said...

Weekend plans sound great! Looking forward to your Sunday Salon post.

Have you ever read any Trollope, and if you did, what did you think of him? I have it on great authority that you've read everything.

Literary Feline said...

A weekend of reading and sleeping sounds perfect. I hope you enjoy it!

Amanda said...

Imani -- I did read on Sunday, but never got around to posting. I think I might post my readings today. I haven't read Trollope yet, although I am collecting the Barchester series. He is one of those authors I always intend to read and then never get around to it. The Warden has been sitting on my TBR for ages! And I am flattered that I have a reputation for having read "everything", I haven't, of course, read everything, but it is nice to know that the nerding pays off!

Amanda said...

Thanks, literary feline, it was wonderful weekend. I hope your's was great as well!

Catherine said...

i'm going through your archives, and inky darcy, huh? how cool that i know what that means. :)