Friday, February 1, 2008

"I'll take the Nerd Medley with a Geek Salad on the Side'

Art Nerd
Blog Nerd
  • I have a huge post a-brewin, but it isn't ready yet. I few more days I suppose.
  • I'm going to be a blog rebel and CHEAT with the Sunday Salon. I work on Sunday's and I can't get much reading time in. So instead I will read on Saturday and POST on Sunday. Do you think any salooners will kick my ass?

Book Nerd

  • I have my lovely February Reading pile established. Please look at my orgy of good reads over there ========>

  • Dang, I only reread The Bell Jar and read a comic book in January, what gives? Oh yes -- the beast known as Clarissa that hussy is fat and long-winded. I've decided to make it my lunch book at the 'brary a). so I don't completely ruin the book and my back by schleping it around everywhere and b). so I can read something different at night!

Coffee Nerd
  • I am lusting after an Almond Latte from Borders right now.... LUSTING....
Library Nerd
  • Tonight, roommate, library coworkers, and I are indulging in a night of decadent nerdiness. On the docket is Thai food, alcohol, and the Mystery Science Theater version of Gamera.
Poor Nerd
  • Bloody hell, it is the first of the month which means that the rent is due. This means I have postponed my 8-hour bookstore hopping spree I had planned for tomorrow and giving up that Almond Latte. Fuck. Why am I so poor? (oh, yeah... I was an English major).

Writer Nerd

  • I've sent off some poems, "operation don't slit your wrists when you receive reams of rejection notices" has begun.

Yarn Nerd
  • I am crocheting a blanket for a friend's wedding present. The yarn is purple and teal. Purty.

  • I am also embroidering a swallow on a shirt and am nearly done with that.

  • Tomorrow I am starting on a ribbon scarf full of greens and blues for a b-day present for a friend.

  • After that I am going to be brave and attempt making a hat. Yikes!

Zombie Nerd
  • I watched Fido last night and thought it was a riot. Basically it picks up kinda where Shaun of the Dead left off -- after a zombie war the zombies become slaves and pets. I especially loved the retro-kitsh look of the movie.

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