Wednesday, July 22, 2009

High Anxiety of the Bookish Sort

Sam is a trooper. He stayed home on his day off simply so I can score some smack. And by smack I mean books. Oh yes, I'm addicted to books. I like to bring up the fact that it could be worse. I could be addicted to something terrible like black tar heroin, furries, or collecting Twilight memorabilia.

Last week I took advantage of an uber-huge Barnes and Noble 50% off sale. I purchased 8 books and my grand total was $34.16. Whoot! He just called to say that the UPS man delivered the books and they are awaiting my arrival home. Then I can recreate that scene with the rose petals from American Beauty except instead of sweet roses I will be swathed in the decadent beauty of paperback books. Oh ... and the new book smell. I will sit on the floor and breathe deeply the crisp inky goodness.

Of course this book order is not all roses -- there is a thorny side as well. Namely: READER ANXIETY. In addition to all these beautiful new volumes I have all the books that already grace my shelves, and tables, and floor.... Then there are my interlibrary loaned books -- The Blue Tattoo by Margot Mifflin and Asylum by Patrick McGrath -- those due dates are coming up soon. In addition I find myself immersed in the His Dark Materials trilogy; I'm compelled to read it right now... even though I own it and could put it down for another day.

This all leads me to my library conundrum. Somehow I got it in my head that I would have 7 library books out at a time and that I could read all of them before I had to turn them in. Obviously, I did not major in Math or Practicality. So I lowered the number to 5. I will only have 5 books out at a time and I STILL cannot keep up. Sadly, tonight I have to turn in Company of Liars, The Gifted Gabladon Sisters, and The Coffee Trader. Of course, I could turn the books in and then go back and check them out in a few days but that feels like hording.

What to do? I want to read my books that I own, but I relish trips to the library. When I go to the library I don't check the catalog beforehand. I wander in a sort of haze and flit between the stacks. There is something innately satisfying and decadent about picking out a book on a whim and walking out of a building without spending money.

Perhaps 3 books out of the library at a time? I still have A Reliable Wife at home and it isn't due until August (and I have 2 renewals left). Alternating between library books and owned books is a good idea.

Wise book nerds will no where this is leading, I have new books at home and at the same time I have a stack of library books to return. Tonight I must walk into the library and I can never go into a library and not checkout a book. The key is that I will only check out two books. Honest to blog.

Then I need to figure out how to read non-stop and still make a living!

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Nymeth said...

I hear you. My recent book buying spree is giving me major book anxiety. I look at my book pile and I want to read them all NOW. And then there are library books, and the rest of my tbr pile, and books I don't yet own but also need RIGHT NOW... Let's try to find comfort in the fact that there are worse problems to have :P