Saturday, August 8, 2009

Really Belated Photo Friday!

The past few days have been busy. I've embroidered, baked, and the family and I went to Athens to visit some good friends.
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Nearly done with this bib for one of my many pregnant friends

Making cookies. Oh yeah, that's Granny Smith apples in there

I didn't ice them, but I don't think the cookies needed it. They were delicious!

The delicious dinner Catherine made; pork roast with buttered leeks and potatoes au gratin.

Hope hanging out with friends after dinner. Yes, that is Root Beer!


Giggly said...

Lovely! I love the bib! So cool! Did the package come yet? :-/ I am starting to worry!

Amanda said...

I haven't gotten it yet; I'm sure it will be here on Monday. I'll keep you posted!

julochka said...

super cute bib and the cookies look awesome! you must post the recipe!! :-)

Catherine said...

ack! you got a pic of my horrible laundry room! lol. :D