Friday, September 18, 2009


I've just spent the past hour attempting to write about introversion, my need for alone time, some hurtful things that have happened this past summer, and frustrations.

Everything came out wrong, so I deleted the posts. Now I'm just tired. I can't organize my words to say what I need to say and, of course, I worry about giving the wrong impression.

Instead I will just issue a general statement: I am tired and I just want to read.

Actually that wasn't the entire statement. I deleted about a paragraph.

Maybe embracing my introversion doesn't mean sharing it? Maybe to truly embrace my introversion I shouldn't have to explain myself? You can all just think I'm anti-social, or quiet, or weird and I'm cool with that.

I think Joyce called this an epiphany.

So...I can just say... that I am otherwise engaged. Phone detox (not that I answered it before) is in process. Intensive writing and reading is full-speed ahead. And yes, the doctor is in, but only on appointment and not as a drop-in.

Send me letters, electronic or otherwise, hermitude is in action.

That is all.


Jennifer said...

I like this post. You don't have to explain yourself to me. I promise not to be offended. :)

Catherine said...

does this make your house the hermitage?

Giggly said...

Embrace the inner hermit. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just wandered by from the RIP review site. I really related to your post, sometimes I think oops I have been rude to my work mates cause I have said I am just not doing social at the moment, cause I need me time. Love the idea of hermitude. Enjoy the reading. I have enjoyed reading your blog.