Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Willy Wonka is the Anti-Christ

Me: "Hope, what are you eating?"

Hope: "Candy"

Me: "What kind of candy?"

Hope: "Godstoppers"

Me: "Excuse me?"


Me: "You mean Gobstoppers"

Hope: "That's what I said, Godstoppers"


This is why I love being a mom, kids are most hilarious when they discovering language. One slight mispronunciation and an innocent candy becomes an Everlasting Godstopper (which, as a co-worker pointed out, sounds like a Scandinavian Goth Metal band). And Hope has no idea she is mispronouncing it.

Hope also points odd things about the English language that I don't even think about, for example, Hope was complaining that fortune cookie companies are liars because the fortunes never fall out of the cookie.... fortunes like tinkling gold coins. They're fortune cookies, right? Well make with the fortune Hope says. Or the first time Hope heard about a tow truck and I realized she thought I meant a "toe truck" and asked me how the truck can look like a toe.


Eva said...

Aww! I remember when I was 5, we started practicing typing in school, and I thought the 'space' bar meant outer space, so I was envisioning stars and galaxies and astronauts. :D

Amanda said...

I love remembering those types of childhood memories, Eva.

Anonymous said...

Love the way kids play with language, actually I think maybe that is half the appeal of Roald Dahl, remember the way the BFG keeps getting his words mixed up. Must buy some godstoppers for my brother the committed athiest. Cool post.