Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Affair at Styles

This morning I was crashing around the house searching for my Charles Dickens bookmark. Sam looked perplexed, I was holding a bookmark; why did I need a different one? I calmly seized rifling through my desk to explain that I was starting The Moonstone today and as I didn't have a Wilkie Collins bookmark, a Charles Dickens one would have to do.

Cue incredulous looks.

Yes, I match my bookmarks to my books and I have on good authority from other book-nerds that this isn't too strange among bookish types.

But what about matching other things to my books?

For example, what about the perfect outfit to go with the book I'm reading? Add to that a comfortable reading spot and a cup of coffee and I'm set.

May I please introduce you to my new and most favorite time waster: Polyvore. Polyvore allows one to browse websites, "clip" (by clicking and dragging) sundry goods, and then construct sets. I must warn you, this is crazy addictive.

Ta-Dah! My first book inspired outfit. This one is based on Agatha Christie's The 4:50 from Paddington.

And yes, that is a Hercule Poirot mustache necklace. Expect more of these book inspired sets in the future! Tell me, what book would inspire you to create an outfit?


Clover said...

Love the outfit. Especially those shoes. And the dress. And oh god, that necklace. I've heard of polyvore before but I think it's an activity that I will watch from afar!

Amanda said...

Clover.... Sam kept asking me last night "are you still messing with that clothing thing?" He didn't understand the importance of the "right" shoe.

Eva said...

Love this! I've studiously avoided polyvore because I know once I start I'll spend hours on it. But you're making me even more tempted. :p

Amanda said...

Eva -- it is quite addictive, but so much fun!