Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shhhh..... Something Nerdy This Way Comes

I thought I had Hope all set for Halloween. First, she wanted to be Coraline, but after my Father gifted her Molly (the American Girl Doll) Hope had her heart set on going as Molly. What an easy change! Hope already had Molly-looking clothes (skirts and cardigans) and all we had to buy were glasses and a Dorothy wig. We took the Dorothy wig and swapped the blue ribbons for red and we had a Molly costume.

Friday afternoon Hope arrived home from school at 3:30 and we only had about 30 minutes to get ready and leave for Trick-or-Treating on the Square. The first words out of her mouth when she came home was "Mom, I want to be a Gothic Librarian."

"What?! But we don't have a costume", I replied. "No worries, Mom," Hope assured me, "I have it all figured out."

Behold, Brunhilda the Gothic Librarian:

We stopped by the library I work at to raid their candy, scare the college students, and, of course, take pictures.

Hope kept saying priceless Gothic things in a monotone voice; "I like the rain" was her favorite. She didn't break character once. Actually, she looks just like me in high school, maybe she there is a Goth gene?

It was a cold, wet, miserable day so we stopped by Inman Perk so that I could thaw. Hope helped give out dog treats. Here she is with Jennifer who dressed up as.... Jennifer when she isn't at work.
Shannon was "cloudy with a chance of rain."

And Guy, the owner of Inman Perk, wins the Geek award for his costume: "pirated software."

Friday night Sam took Hope across the street for a Halloween Party and I stayed home and watched Gaslight.

Alas, Hope ended up getting grounded from trick-or-treating on Saturday. Her crime? Let's just say it involved two warnings from mom, a desk being ridden like a horse, a broken window, and a lie. At least Hope had a pretty good haul of candy from Friday!


Giggly said...

Love the final costume, although the other ideas were great too. :)

Oh boy, our girls are at the age of pushing limits. :-/ yikes!

Eva said...

I want to be a Gothic Librarian next year-how much fun! :)

re_knitter said...

I need to know how Hope rode a desk like a horse. That is the most ludicrous (also: best) way to get grounded from Halloween.

I'm sorry you had to be a stern Mom, though. That probably stunk a little bit, even though it's also probably for the best.