Friday, February 26, 2010

Photo Friday: Hope's First Piercing

This isn't the best picture, the bright lights makes everything look weird (Hope looks like she is sporting an old man moustache), but this is what we could get in the two seconds it took get Hope's ears pierced.

She was pierced in an actual tattoo shop.  I can't emphasize how important it is to take your child to a licensed piercer.  Everything was cleaned in an autoclave or was packaged in a sterile "one use only pouch".  The area was thoroughly clean.  Hope's piercer -- K-Dog -- has been piercing for over 20 years and went through a rigorous apprenticeship.  Compare that to a local mall:  a bored employee, with a plastic piercing gun, a 5 minute training video, and all supplies (chair, table, bottles, etc) exposed and out in the open. 

K-Dog went over piercing care and Hope is cleaning her ears with H2Ocean, a spray on each lobe (back and front) every three hours. 

Mama is proud of Hope -- she barely winced and was such a big girl! 


Giggly said...

Awesome!! Molly need to get hers re-pierced soon. They close up if she takes the earring out over night, just like mine used to. So, I had mine stretched to a one gauge. Then, I let them shrink down to a regular size. :)

Andi said...

Excellent! Perhaps this is the first of many. It was just the open door for me. :)