Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Butterbean

There's the butterbean, a whole 7 weeks old.  I meant to update y'all sooner, but my internet has been fickle.  I had a doctor's visit and ultrasound on Monday and everything appears fine.  The doctor said if I "wanted" I could be put back on bedrest for 3 to 4 weeks, but that I could go to work if I wanted.  There is still a slight chance I could miscarry, but he said it wouldn't be because I went back to work at the library, it would be because there was something already wrong with the baby or the placenta.  However, he did say I need to take it easy, which means:
  • Not getting stressed at work -- I go to work, do my job and leave.  No freaking out or stressing.
  • When I come home, I chill on the couch -- normally I do laundry, clean a bit, start dinner, etc....  Now, I spend an hour or two being a vegetable.
  • If I don't feel like it, it doesn't get done -- the house isn't as clean as I like, laundry is heaped, and tonight we had fast food for dinner.  
  • No lugging things -- part of the reason the laundry isn't done is that I have to haul it to the end of the apartment complex.  Sam is our sole laundry doer. 
What sucks is that I can't exercise right now, it is terrible because I feel hugely fat and bloated and I think a brisk walk for a mile or two would make me feel better.  Also, I don't like asking for help with the house and Hope and other things.  Perhaps I'll think of this as a character exercise:  be patient, let go, breathe, chill out.

A technician is coming out tomorrow to check out my wireless to see why it is jacked.  Until then I'm using "Charles S.'s" wireless.  I don't know you Charles S., but I'm appreciating your wireless right now.  Alright, I'm off to watch some Dark Shadows with Hope.  Peace!


Anonymous said...

Take it easy! Trust me, all of those chores will be waiting for you once the lovely and adorable butterbean enters the world! In the meantime, enjoy the pregnancy and relax. (:

Andi said...

Most happy to hear that the butterbean is doing well. Enjoy the downtime because it'll evaporate later. I'm one to talk, though. I'm horrible at downtime--as evidenced by the fact that I'm working til my water breaks in the classroom.

Diane said...

I'd be taking the extra bed rest if the doctor allows it, but do what feel right for you. Thanks for sharing Butterbean with us!

Katie said...

I like Butterbean already.

Anonymous said...

Amanda, I would love to come help you straighten up or do laundry or cook dinner. Plus I could bring Drystan over and hope would get a kick out of that (I think she thinks he is her own live doll lol) just let me know when would be a good time i will give you a call soon.

love anna