Monday, March 15, 2010

Complaining and Challenges

It appears I've fallen off the face of the Earth this weekend.  I'd plans to read, stitch and blog and I haven't done any of those things until this morning.  I'm so tired and rundown it is ridiculous.  Normally, I'm the sort of person who craves some sort of occupation every waking moment.  Even while watching T.V. (something I rarely do) I will be folding laundry, clipping coupons, or stitching. 

This weekend I've done nothing but stretch across the couch under a heap of blankets.  There are 3 reasons why:  1).  dratted time change, 2).  sinus/head cold, 3).  pregnancy fatigue (hey -- I'm building a placenta right now, I'm sure that's hard work)

As a perfectionist who enjoys being hyper busy, I've been a bit hard on myself.  I'm really having to work at letting things go and attempting proper sleep.  Yesterday I went grocery shopping and to see Alice in Wonderland  and it completely wiped me out.  Today I nixed all errands, did about half the cleaning I normally do on my Mondays off, and spent some serious time on the couch.  I feel much better and if I could just beat this cold into submission I think I'll be back to my normal self.

Okay, time for a complete subject change with no sort of transition (yay!):  Reading Challenges.   I realize that once a month I need to evaluate where I am with my reading challenges.  Since I decided to sign-up for a trillion of them, I best keep some sort of track of how I am -- or am not -- progressing.  See below for the details. 

Reading Challenge Update
Obviously, I need to focus a bit more.  A few books I have coming up to read will, luckily, be able to double dip a bit.  For example, Wolf Hall will count for the Tudor, Year of the Historical, Complete Booker, and Chunkster Challenges.

Also, I'm on a LOTR hiatus.  I am planning to read them this year and I enjoyed The Hobbit immensely, I'm just not in a LOTR-kinda mood at the moment. 

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Karenlibrarian said...

DO NOT feel guilty about pregnancy fatigue! You are doing important work, give yourself a break. (Been there twice, so I remember how exhausting it is). But I hope to keep reading your reviews!