Saturday, July 17, 2010

24 Weeks

The baby is doing great.  He is nearly 2 pounds.  I've done pretty well with my weight, I've only gained 7 pounds.  Looking at the picture I think I need to start working out my arms (elbow pudge is never cute).  Also, the placenta has moved so this means I'm out of the danger zone.  It looks like I won't need a c-section and I can have the natural childbirth I wanted. 

I haven't really started on the nusery yet.  I'm waiting until after Hope starts back to school.  She needs new clothes, shoes, and school supplies.  Once we are back in our regular routine and the kiddo is off to school Sam and I plan on starting in the nursery. 

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Andi said...

You're looking lovely my dear! And Atticus is handsome as ever. :)