Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things I'm Loving

I had something I wanted to write about and then it left my brain.  Taking inspiration from one of my favorite blogs, Honey and Jam, I decided to talk about things I'm loving right now.

Coffee is giving me heartburn, so I've turned to Hot Cocoa for my daily coziness fix.  (photo credit)

Jigsaw puzzles!  We're nearly done with this difficult hidden image puzzle of owls.  I'll take a picture of the puzzle when it is complete.

Baby stuff!  We had another baby shower on Monday and have been working hard at getting the nursery ready.

MST3K!  We've been getting the episodes from Netflix and watching about one a week.  Great fun.

Scarves!  The season is growing close and I'm craving this ModCloth scarf.

Well there you go!  Things I'm loving.  What are you loving?


josjottings said...

Cocoa mmm and the marshmallows as well.

Shame I am on a diet!

Chris said...

I love posts like these :D You have me all excited for Fall now!! With the pictures of the hot cocoa and the scarf! And I LOVE puzzles!! The baby blanket makes me excited for you :D

Andi said...

So many good things to love! I'm especially onboard with baby stuff, hot cocoa, and puzzles. Especially owlish puzzles.

Thomas at My Porch said...

I am with you when it comes to jigsaw puzzles. I have one friend (who lives in Atlanta) who is my puzzle buddy. Whenever she visits DC we get a jigsaw going. This summer out on the Oregon coast with my sister and mom we did three of them in a week. Since then I have decided to further embrace my interest in puzzles. One can't always be reading.

Eva said...

I wish I could pull off that scarf, but mustard yellow is not my friend. :/

I love hot chocolate too, and black tea w/ milk and sugar (I can't drink coffee)! Now I want to do a fall favourites post. :D

Right now, though, the weather's still warm here, so I'm loving...
1) my gunmetal grey nail polish...I feel it's too dark for summer, but I just pulled it out again today and it's so fun!
2) Goodwill, where I got an adorable navy blue shirt w/ a bow pattern and grey cardigan with a flower pattern for less than $4 combined
3) 18th century lit: such fun stories!
4) Iced Green Tea (my fave is Republic of Tea's Spring Cherry)
5) Diana Wynne Jones! I just got into her, and she brings back that voracious childhood stay-up-past-my-bedtime mood that's just wonderful.