Friday, November 11, 2011

Blabbity Blabbity Boo

I'm sleepy.  I stayed up too late last night drinking coffee (stupid me!), crocheting, and watching The Walking Dead with Sam. This morning Atticus woke at 5am and we snuggled together on the couch.  I had a cataclysmic argument with Hope over the importance of buckling her seatbelt.  I got my hair did on my lunchbreak.  I hate all of my clothes.  I just ate an orange.  I'm not blogging right now I'm talking to myself out loud. 


I've had two lovely letters from super-awesome-friends this week and it makes me miss my friends and spending time with Sam.  I like how when you hang out with someone a ton you can kinda do your own thing and they can do their own thing but you are all together in a room.  It is nice.  For example.  Last night Sam sat on the couch drawing and I was reading Wolf Hall.  It was nice just being together.  Now that he is tattooing 4 nights a week and I see him less. My problem is I WANT IT ALL: time alone and time with people I love.  I have to have both or I feel off.

Oh well.  Just so you know this isn't a downer post.  I'm not feeling low, just really grateful.  I have amazing people in my life.

Tomorrow is date day.  Thrifting, lunch, coffee, visiting friends and a bookstore trip is in order.  And smooching.  Lots and lots of smooching. 

Here are some other things floating around in my brain today:
  1.  I really need to make a list of my top fifty books. Thanks for the inspiration, Heather!
  2. This is going on the "To Bake" list.  Coffee-flavored cake.  Yes please. 
  3. But then again, this looks pretty darn tasty too.  I think I know why my ass is so big.
  4. Beautiful and amazing embroidered book covers; I'm so inspired!
  5. Laughed. My. Ass. Off.  Thank you Feminist, Ryan Gosling!
Have a great weekend!


    Heather said...

    I know just what you mean, with the wanting to be with everyone yet still wanting that "me" time. It's a hard thing to balance sometimes.

    Hurray for date day! That sounds like a lovely cozy day with the hubby.

    I can't wait to see your list. Seriously. Can. Not. Wait. Maybe next year I'll read nothing but recommendations from my friends. Can't go wrong, yes? lol

    Amanda said...

    @Heather. I hope you like my list. Your list was pretty fabulous too.