Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bookish OCD Strikes Again and some Charles Dickens Love!

It is November.  This means that my readerly OCD is in full-bloom.  Around this time of year I begin to think about next year's reading.  I'm changing the way I approach challenges and my reading.  Normally I try to read a few library books (1-2) and then read something from my shelves.  I tend to just grab what catches my eye and I don't really have a method to my madness.  Except then I throw in challenges.  I always, always, always sign up for WAY too many challenges and spread myself too thin.  Then I don't complete anything.  So far, I've made a solid dent in many of my reading challenges but I've only finished ONE CHALLENGE. I do the same thing with Readathons; I have my hands (eyeballs?) in too many books and find at the end that I've finished too few titles.  After the last Readathon I got to thinking about creating a theme for my readathon TBR pile.  Perhaps centered around a theme?  Hummmm.... I can readathon and reading challenge at the same time.  Brilliant!

Now my bookish OCD has reared its head and I've decided to use a theme or challenge to help structure my monthly reading.  I'm not saying I won't read something different, but if my goal is to finish a challenge in month or so then focusing that reading may help my book anxiety.  What is book anxiety?  Well, I find myself overwhelmed by my bookshelves, the library stacks, interlibrary loan treasures, book challenges, and readalongs.  TOO MANY BOOKS FREAK OUT GASP GASP GASP!!!!!


May I present to you my theme for January:

I love Charles Dickens and his 200th birthday is in February so naturally I'd love to spend some time reading Dickens.  I will not only spend time reading Charles Dickens's fiction, but I'll also be reading non-fiction about Dickens and Victorian England and fiction based on Dickens's characters or even Dickens himself.  Of course I've already assembled a book pool (duh, book OCD):

My definitely reading list:
Other books I may work in:
In addition I'll be reviewing a few film versions of Dickensian works and -- the best part -- I've obtained permission to get into my library's rare book collection to lovingly caress (with a gloved hand, of course) some Dickens rarities.  I hope you'll stop by to wallow in Victorian novel goodness. 

Now it is time to spend the remainder of my Sunday "mom time" reading Wolf Hall


Susan in TX said...

Love this! I completely relate to the out of breath "too many books too little time" panicky moments. :) I've been considering monthly themes myself, so I may just join you in January with Dickens since I have a few of his sitting on the TBR. I've found winter and Dickens go well together -- and if I read Bleak House, then I can watch the movie version afterwards. :)
Thanks for sharing your OCD with us!

Amanda said...

I'm trying to get up the gumption to host an actual Dickens event. We will see. I may ponder some more (ponder ponder ponder).