Saturday, November 5, 2011

Things I'm Loving: 11/04/2011

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I love my little rental house, but the kitchen is functional and ugly as sin.  I'm been thinking of ways to spruce things up a bit and I love the idea of this fabric backsplash and the open cabinetry option

As I chopped a butternut squash last week to make chili I thought to myself, "my death will probably involve a knife and a butternut squash."  Here is a great tip for roasting a squash so I don't maim or kill myself with a knife. 

I'm totally signing up for this reading challenge.  In fact, next year I think I'll make a month my "read from my stacks" month.  I love supporting libraries, but I need to read the books on my shelf!

I desperately need a needlebook.  Luckily, I found a pretty awesome set of directions for a cute, scrappy needlebook.  I need to bust out those scraps and get to stitching!

I'm loving these beautiful Dahlia pins!  

As if I needed another excuse for plate thrifting.

Hello to all my baking and book buddies, Penguin is releasing in the US several titles from the Great Food series.  I want them all!  Geez those covers are lust-worthy.

Reason #372 on the "why I need a doughnut pan" list. 

Owl brooch!!!!!!!!!!!!

More embroidered book cover goodness.


Thomas at My Porch said...

While cute, a fabric covered backsplash is for someone who doesn't cook. I love the plate wall. I think I have seen that image before.

Eva said...

I always roast butternut squash for recipes, precisely because they're so difficult to cut! So I highly recommend that method. ;)

Andi said...

Love o'love this post! I need to make better friends with the butternut squash. I did find a squash and sage lasagna recipe on Pinterest (aka, the website of all things awesome). I also love the plate display, and if I had a place to display plates, I would TOTALLY do it.

My pinterest thing-to-do of the day is to make biscuits incorporating ham and cheese. Mom had leftover biscuit dough after making chicken and dumplings, so I'm making some little cutie snacks for Greyson. Thanks, Pinterest!

Amanda said...

@Thomas I was actually thinking of not doing this on the backsplash. I have an UGLY wall in my kitchen that is painted the color of poop and the landlord won't let me repaint!