Thursday, December 22, 2011

An early Merry Christmas!

After some dreadful days at work and a bout of strep throat last week I decided to take a blog break.  Then I went of holiday vacation.

I found myself missing this blog.  I've had such a marvelous few days.  I feel refreshed and renewed and I'm back to loving my life.  While I want my blog to reflect my real life what I don't want is for it to become a place of constant bitching.   Balance.  And balance to me 90% joy and 10% drudgery.  My 10% blah for this week is that my oven is totally broken and Hope is visiting Grandma and I miss her like crazy.

Here is a list of the wonderful things making this blogging mama smile:
  • Saturday:  Breakfast out with Sam and Atticus.  Santa was at the cafe and, of course, Atticus screamed bloody murder.  We did learn that Atticus is nutso for cheesy grits.  Good boy.  A long afternoon nap.  Baking sausage cheeseballs for our friends at Atlas Pizza.
  • Sunday:  A trip to my parents' home.  My sister lives about 5 hours south of us and it was great to see her any my little niece Evie Rose.  Atticus was so sweet and hugged Evie every chance he could and Hope, as always, is so great with the little ones.  We opened gifts.  Mom and Dad gave Hope a digital camera, Atticus a car set, and Sam a Michael's gift-card.  I was spoiled --a Le Creuset tea set, a vintage Christmas book, some holiday ornaments, a tea ball, owl pajamas and a cookbook.  Dinner was superb (so. much. food.).  After dinner I helped my brother put together some legos; it is a family tradition.
  • Monday:  I cuddled with Atticus in the morning and then we went to my friend Michelle's house.  Her little boy, Eli, is a few months older than Atticus and they had a pretty good time playing.  We were home at lunch and Sam came home from work for the day.  We all took a nap.  Then the boys went to Michael's and I spent some time at Inman Perk reading.  Monday night was spent prepping the rest of the holiday cards and stitching.  
  • Tuesday:  A rainy day.  Atticus and I ran some errands in the morning.  We bought Beau Kitty's Christmas gift --a new scratch post and some catnip.  Atticus loved looking at the birds at PetSmart.  While Atticus was napping I stitched and drank too much coffee.  Then I had a surprise visit from friends Catherine and Spencer.  It was so great to see them!  That night after dinner I baked oatmeal cookies with chocolate covered Craisins.
  • Wednesday:  I spent the morning playing with my darling little boy.  He fell asleep on the floor while watching Winnie the Pooh and it was precious.  I tried baking browned-butter sugar cookies and that was when my dying oven died.  The repair guy came out and we will need a new oven.  Even that couldn't dampen my mood.  That afternoon my friend Alison and her little boy, Sam, came over to play.  Sam is just a few weeks older than Atticus.  That night Sam stayed home with Atticus and I went out for some coffee for a few hours.  I normally work Wednesday nights and so it is best if I let Sam do Atticus's bedtime routine on Wednesdays so there aren't problems when I go back to work.  
  • Today:  Sam was home from work today.  Yay!  We took Atticus out for Thai food and to visit his adopted Thai family:  Grandpa JB, Grandma Na, and Auntie Kik.  Atticus had Tom Ka for the first time and LOVED IT.  Then home for another nap.  Right now Sam and I are out for the evening while Shannon hangs out with the little guy.  Sam is drawing while I write and we've plans for a pasta dinner and seeing The Muppet Movie.  
 In addition I've finished two great books, The Invention of Hugo Cabret and Wonderstruck! both by Brian Selznick.  I'm in the middle of rereading Susan Hill's The Woman in Black.  I've nearly finished a stitching project and I'm about to start some more knitting.  Good times.

Okay, now for a few pictures:

Big Sister helping Atticus.
The Tree!
Halls are certainly decked.
Yes!  Tea set!
I loved looking at this book as a child.  I'm so happy mom bought it for me!
Blurry picture, but such a happy one. 

I hope all of you are having a joyous holiday season; I know I am!


Anonymous said...

That tea set is gorgeous!

JoAnn said...

I have that same BH&G book! It was a gift from my aunt ages and ages ago. Merry Christmas!

Elisabeth said...

Happy Holidays!

Sarah said...

The Muppets Movie was good, I hope you enjoyed it!

Merry Christmas!

Amanda said...

I loved the muppet movie! It was my second time seeing the film and I did enjoy it very much.

Andi said...

I love this post, Amanda. So many wonderful, warm fuzzy things to be thankful for. Merry Christmas (even though I'm ridiculously late in wishing it).