Friday, December 9, 2011

Photo Friday: Wednesday

On Wednesdays I take Atticus to daycare at his regularly scheduled time (7:30) even though I don't go to work until noon (I work a split shift).  I typically use the four-plus hours to run errands, but this past Wednesday I had a little baking fest.  Actually, I just made 90 sugar cookies.  I had other cookies in the freezer because I've been doing my holiday baking a bit at a time.

It was a lovely day: coffee, Bing crooning Christmas tunes, a steady rain, and rolling out cookie dough.

The trays and treat-bags were a hit at work, so I guess everyone wins!


Susan in TX said...

Sounds wonderful! You just can't beat Bing for ringing in the holiday spirit.

Chris said...

MMMmmm….christmas cookies!! I made my own homemade christmas sugar cookies for the first time ever a couple of weekends ago. Used Martha Stewarts sugar cookie recipe and they're amazing!