Monday, February 20, 2012

The Great Blogcation Debacle

It is a very good thing I went on a Blogcation last week. Not because I necessarily got any rest or relaxation... no.. last week was HORRIBLE.  I had a sinus infection, bronchitis, pinkeye, and Atticus was teething and vomiting from sticking his fingers down his throat.

Picture this.... Monday I was sent home from work due to a violent cough (yay sinus infection turned bronchitis).  I woke Tuesday morning with my right eye swollen shut from pinkeye.  I resolved to stay home in bed and sleep while the kids were at school.  Then Atticus puked.

There I was, lumbering around the house.  Coughing.  Right eye shut.  Nose running.  Unshowered.  One or both boobs hanging out from constant nursing.  Chasing a gleeful toddler who discovered a penchant for vomit.  Tuesday afternoon was a bit better; after Atticus napped and I read Charles Dickens with one eye open Atticus and I played.  He is quite fond of "line things up on the window sill" game. 

Things looked better after Tuesday.  Mostly because I tried to rest.  I read a little on Wednesday afternoon.  I skipped my knitting group to go to bed early on Thursday.  I took Friday off and spent time with Hope (she was out on holiday), exercising, stitching, and napping.  I napped on Saturday and then enjoyed Hope's birthday party.  Sunday it was back to work.  Not a lot of reading, but a whole lot of tea, exercise, and napping.

Okay.  This week WILL be better.  I did, however, finish the softies for Atticus' class.  I made 8 (one for Atticus and then one for each of his classmates).  I didn't get them done until Friday as I thought it best to not stitch things for toddlers whilst suffering from pinkeye.

On to a new week, filled with cautious optimism.


Amanda said...

That sounds so terrible. Thankfully none of the kids ever did that vomiting thing. I think I would have died! I do hope you're feeling 100% better soon - you've had way too much sickness this year. :(

Eva said...

Oh no! I hope you keep feeling better Amanda!