Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Like to Move it, Move it....

... as in I like to exercise.

Let me say that again.... I LIKE TO EXERCISE.

I didn't realize that I have a new found fondness for being sore and sweaty until last week.  I managed 2 or 3 quick 20 minute walks, but I couldn't do any exercising.  Atticus was so sick all week and my time was spent cuddling my little man and reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear 10 million times.  While I enjoyed my extra snuggles, I was not a fan of the no sleeping and being cooped up in the house.  I was anxious, had trouble sleeping when I did get a chance to snooze and I had an overwhelming sense of moving as if I was in a vat of molasses.  Until I went for a walk.  I walked fast and soon found my pep back.

This has made me realize how important exercise is to my health.  Yes, it helps with weight loss, but it does so much more.  Here are some reasons why I'm digging the exercise and then I'll fill you in on my exercise routine:
  1. I sleep better at night
  2. I can eat more calories 
  3. I can redeem my food screw-ups; instead of being bummed I blew my calories I can do damage control by exercising.
  4. It is a really neat feeling to feel muscles underneath all the squishy.  One day there will be less squishy and more muscle.
  5. I'm energetic
  6. I want more water and therefore drink more water.
I've gotten myself down to a pretty good routine in two weekly cycles:

Cycle #1:
  • Monday:  30 Day Shred / 20 minute walk
  • Tuesday:  Belly Dance Slim Down
  • Wednesday:  30 Day Shred / 20 minute walk
  • Thursday:  Belly Dance Slim Down
  • Friday: 30 Day Shred / 20 minute walk 
Cycle #2: 
  • Monday: Belly Dance Slim Down
  • Tuesday: 30 Day Shred / 20 minute walk
  • Wednesday:  Belly Dance Arms and Abs and Belly Dance Hips, Buns, Thighs 
  • Thursday: 30 Day Shred / 20 minute walk
  • Friday:  Belly Dance Slim Down
I don't do "typical" exercise on the weekend.  I play in the yard with the kids, clean the house, go for walks, and garden. My weekends are typically filled with family and we try being as active as possible with the kiddos.

So far this is working for me and I'll probably keep this routine through April.  In May I'm looking at changing to Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30, doing different cardio, and learning how to roller skate (I was never good at it as a child).

Let me know if you have any exercising favorites and I'll try to check them out!


C... said...

You are doing so great! :) Good for you!

Ellen said...

So true, there are so many benefits to exercise. Over the past couple months I've been dealing with a string of ankle injuries that have kept me, off and on, sitting around with my feet propped on a pillow, popping ibuprofen, and hoping things will heal up soon so I can get back to daily walks. Especially when you have to spend a huge chunk of the day indoors for work, it's amazing what exercise can do for your mood. Also, you're right, it's pretty awesome when you start being able to feel your muscles. Cool to see another book blogger/exercise enthusiast!

Giggly said...

I love these workouts too! Jillian's ripped in 30 is great until I got to the 3rd workout. It is a bitch!

I love Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism workout DVD. There are 7 circuits to choose from. At first I started with 3, which is a great workout no matter which 3 you choose, NOW, after almost a year, I can do the entire 7. When I am feeling good and have the time of course. :)

I really like The Biggest Loser Cadio Max weight Loss and Bob Harper's Ultimate Cardio Body.

I pretty much stick to anything Bob or Jillian with a walk or run in the evenings. I still can't believe that I can run now.

Oh yeah! There is a workout series called Envy Girls that I did for a few months that really helped me tone, lengthen, and build strength in my muscles. They are all really great workouts, but they are NOT what I ever would have chosen at first glance by the cover and title, but they used to be free on HULU and they were just the right amount of time for me to work in to my day. They really helped me and were actually pretty enjoyable. I think they are for sale through Amazon? Or another workout website. I am going to have to purchase them.

Anyway, you are doing fantastic! I love to hear about your progress and new found energy and muscle. Sleeping better is great too!


Linda said...

I've done those bellydance ones before and enjoyed them. I'm doing the Zumba fitness on the Wii. I got tired of the crowded gym. I prefer being able to do at my own home.

Amanda said...

It took me about 2.5 months before I realized I loved exercise last year. Since then, I haven't stopped moving. The five weeks I had to take off in Nov/Dec last year were HORRIBLE. I hated them.