Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh My... How Pinteresting: 08/16/12

Hey you guys!  I actually completed a pin! This one to be precise. Yup. I made homemade baby wipes.  I took an empty ice cream bucket, a roll of Viva paper towels, 2 cups boiled and then cooled water, a tablespoon of baby oil, and two tablespoons of baby wash and then followed the directions.  They are moist and don't irritate Atticus's rump. The one issue I had is with tearing the wipes off the roll,  Next time I am going to take the time to tear the pieces off the roll and stack them, perhaps that would make a difference.  Oh, and the directions say to slice the roll in half, but I find that increases the tearing and you end up using more wipes because they shred. I'll let you know when I revamp this pin.

This means I have one pin down and 3-6 more pins to do for the Pin it and Do it challenge.  I better get my butt in gear. Of course, it is way easier to just increase my pin boards with pins galore.  Here are some pins that are looking mighty pinteresting this week:

I LOVE Halloween, but we don't ever get trick-or-treaters down our little street (the sidewalks suck). So Atticus is getting a Halloween party for his second birthday in late October.  This pin is brilliant: cut "eyes" out of paper towel tubes and hide them in the yard with glow sticks inside!
I do love peanut brittle, but fall-infused brittle.  OMG!
One of my all time favorite bloggers has made some wicked-delicious looking homemade coffee creamers.  I could have Pumpkin Spice year round!!!
Taters, precious
This, my friends, is happening to the microwave at work. For serious. 
Obviously you can tell by most of my posts that I am ready for my favorite season -- Autumn -- to begin.  I'll pin-myself into thinking it isn't 85 degrees in Georgia!

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