Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Readerly Rambles: 08/29/2012

What I've read:  The Marriage Plot by Jeffery Eugenides.  I have so much to say about this book that I'm reserving my comments for its own post (possibly next Sunday?).

What I'm reading:  I'm beginning a biography of Sylvia Plath called Rough Magic.  Reading a Plath biography is such a loaded experience.  It isn't merely reading about her life that fascinates me... it is all the different interpretations of her life that fascinates me.  Since reading The Silent Woman; I'm especially intrigued by Plath and attempts at her biography.  I'm thinking this will be my last book for August.  And August will bring so many new things!

I've also recently begun an audiobook I'm actually enjoying; The Return of the Native as read by Alan Rickman.  Victorian novel + Alan Rickman = nerd girl swoon. 

What's Up Next:  I'm so excited for September reading.  I still need to get together a list of creepy autumnal reads, but I know that I will have no less than three books going and they are each vastly different.  I will be reading Dr. Sear's Attatchment Parenting book and I will be embarking upon three read-a-longs.  First off, I'm joining in Fanda's Gone with the Wind read along.  I've shunned this book because I'm a Georgia gal and I really resent the blushing, devious Southern Belle stereotype.  Also, I'm a direct descendent of Robert E. Lee, but I'm so ashamed of my being Southern (I have severe white guilt) that I dropped my middle name of Lee and I run fleeing from anything "too Southern."  The second read along is a Harry Potter read along and I will be re-re-re-reading the series. Most exciting to me is the read along hosted by the Estella SocietyThe Little Stranger.  I've had this on my TBR list for YEARS. 

Other Bookish News:  I spent last weekend working as a babysitter for the library; the building was rented out to a high school yearbook camp and I was on "security detail."  The extra pay is awesome and I am using most of it to buy the family a PS3.  Right now we don't have cable and only a crappy laptop that is too slow for Netflix.  I'm really looking forward to streaming movies and Sam and Hope are looking forward to some gaming.  I will have some money left over and I'm going to be completely selfish and buy some books.  I figure since I worked 12 days in a row with no weekend I deserve it.  I have my eyes on all of the Anthony Trollope novels in the Penguin English Library series.  ERMEGHERD!

Okay, happy reading to all!


Andi said...

You've got your hands full, but I'M SO GLAD you're joining us for the read along!!!

Jillian said...

Um... I think it's incredibly, incredibly cool that you are related to Lee. I'm descended from Clark Gable and William Wallace (Scottish freedom fighter.) :)

Lindsey said...

I found The Silent Woman fascinating too! Perhaps I should pick up some more Plath in the next few weeks....

Bree said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Gone with the Wind. It is a book I could re-read right after finishing. So few books make it into that category. For me, it was one to savour like East of Eden. Hope you enjoy it.