Tuesday, August 14, 2012

That's What's Up

Hope started her first day of 7th grade on Friday

She isn't the only one moving up.  Atticus has left the toddler class and moved to the two-year-old room.

My Ghost Hunters book freaking rocks.

Atticus is still attempting to steal Daddy's coffee.

On Saturday we took Atticus to "touch a truck."  He was wowed!

Sam has more chalk art at the coffee shop.  Brazilian inspired street are and a Guatemalan worry doll for Inman Perk's single origin blends. 

And a Costa Rican Victory mask
That's what's up around here.  My home life is so happy right now.  I've pushed the mean girl drama at work out of my brain and I'm focusing on all of my joys.

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Andi said...

Loooove Sam's artwork, Atticus is just the cutest thing ever, and Hope is rockin' 7th grade!