Monday, November 12, 2012

Warp Speed Week: Where the Hell Fire did the Time Go?

This is the second draft of this post.  My first post went into a long explanation of everything that went wrong last week from a sick tot to work stuff to bill catastrophes.  Nothing too terribly bad happened, but there was a lot going on, all of it unplanned, and my OCD self cannot handle that pressure.  So I wrote a whiny post and then I deleted it.  The only thing really wrong with last week is that it was real life. You know, shit happens and all that stuff. 

Instead I thought I'd focus on all the good things that happened last week. 

I finished weaving in the ends on my pillow.

Atticus attempted to "knit" with a crochet hook and spare yarn.  I had to take it away when he decided to pick his nose with the hook.  ewwwww.....

We spent a lot of time coloring in our pjs

We spent loads of time ignoring the mess and throwing balloons.  We also spent time pretending to be meerkats and putting plastic dinosaurs in timeout for fighting.

On Sunday, Sam and I had a date.  Delicious Pho was for lunch.

I had a DELICIOUS decaf latte.  It is called a "fireside latte." It is white chocolate with a bit of hazelnut and cinnamon in it.

We took terrible and cheesy pictures together.

Our date also consisted of too many donuts, thrifting, book shopping, and a long drive listening to the Pixies.  It was perfect.

Things are alright.  I'm baking caramel glazed apple spice bread and I will probably stay up too late as a result but what the hell.... YOLO as the kids say. 

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Debi said...

Just gotta love the good stuff!!! And it looks like amongst the bad, you had plenty of good! Love your pillow! And oh my, but your date sounds utterly perfect!