Tuesday, December 4, 2012

God Rest Ye Busy Holiday Mamas

I'm so busy.

And I love it...

Prepping Christmas cards

Ordering Holiday teas from Harney & Sons

Baking Sugar Cookies

Making treat bags for the student-workers at the library.  The yarn in the background is for a knitting project that I needed to start last week!

At least something can be checked off my massive to do list.
I'm having a bout of pregnancy hormones (at least that's what I'm blaming stuff on) and I feel like my life is a book that someone is flipping through and the pages are going too fast.  Each day my kids grow older and change ... Hope is becoming a young woman and Atticus is becoming his own person. Slow down everyone.  I'm just trying to live live live while I can and wring out every joyous moment from life.

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Andi said...

It looks like you have your hands full! I'm impressed that you accomplish as much as you do. When I was super pregnant, not so much! Hang in there girly! Holiday hugs for ya.