Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In Bookish News...

Currently I am a tightly wound ball of sleep-deprived, holiday OCD, hormonal nesting and it ain't pretty.  I'm trying very hard to read The Return of the Native.  I adore the book, but I'm having difficulty slowing my brain down long enough to read.  When my brain does start to slow down my body thinks it is naptime.  I constantly am waking on the couch with a book slung over my belly and really unattractive sleep-drool on my face.  Ah... pregnancy. Hence I didn't even finish my reread of Harry Potter (although I hope to finish by the end of the year.)  Hey, I never said I was a realist. 

There are bookish things afoot.

This time of year my "J" function of my INFJ personality gives a little leap.  Every one is making book lists, reading plans, and -- of course -- signing up for reading challenges.  I don't do well with reading challenges.  I can't seem to do one at a time.  Instead, I group them together and decide I will read 20 books in a month, but that's okay because it will count for 12 or so challenges.  I also eagerly sign up for read alongs, Good Read discussions and then I end up stressed.

Seeing as I'll have a baby next year, I've decided to sign up for ZERO challenges.  Not even a chunkster, or a short story, or a graphic novel challenge.  Zilch.  I've also opted to not devise my own challenges. None of this exhaustive listing or goals. I might do some readalongs or GoodReads groups on the low down, but nothing else. Except I will be co-hosting a Barbara Pym reading week in June with our wonderful and bookish Thomas.

Save the Date!  June 1st -8th will be a Pym reading week in celebration of Barbara Pym's birthday on June 2nd.  Of course, I will be making a birthday cake in her honor.

Other bookish putterings around here include buying Persephone her first book, scooping up pristine Little Golden Books at thrift stores, and purchasing a new reading/nursing chair.  Right after Christmas I will be assembling my own little nursing/reading/stitching nest in the living room and I promise to show you all (the nest, not the nursing). 

Next week I'll have the great nerd reading year summary.  I betcha can't wait for that!  (snark snark snark)


Andi said...

You have so much going on and I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see pics of the nest and read your wrap-up!

JoAnn said...

I'm opting out of challenges for 2013, too, but will definitely join you and Thomas for Barbara Pym week!