Monday, January 21, 2013

The Close of a Perfect Weekend

This is Atticus's Excited Face:


It is a bit blurry because the "excited face" involves saying "YAYYYYY!!!!!" while shaking one's head side to side.  I neglected to take photos this weekend excepting this one and to be honest this is the absolute best summation of my weekend.

That excited face.

This weekend has been wonderful with the perfect mix of time alone, cuddles with the kids, time with Sam, and seeing friends and family.  There's even been a fair amount of baby prepping done.

Here's my excitement from the weekend:

-- Ice cream and documentary watching on the couch with Sam
-- Visiting the health food store to stock up on some Red Raspberry Leaf tea
-- Long afternoon naps
-- Going out with my good friend Erin for pasta, coffee, and plenty of chatting
-- Having Hope help me with organizing all of Persy's clothes and packing Persy's hospital bag
-- Lunch with my Mama and then seeing Les Miserables (I cried buckets)
-- Reading The Law and the Lady and finishing Alison Weir's The Wars of the Roses
-- Cuddling with Atticus on the couch and watching Pooh Bear movies
-- Foot massages from Sam that send me to instant, blissful slumber
-- Finally getting our third wedding anniversary date. it mirrored our usual dates: coffee, Thai food, thrifting, and then our side-by-side introverting (I read and Sam draws).

Tomorrow it is back to work and I'm going to endeavor to work my tail off to get everything done.  I have another ultrasound on Friday and pairing that and my midwife's predictions with the full moon on Sunday I'm thinking that this might actually be my last week at work.  I'm feeling much more settled at work now that I know who will be doing the work while I'm out for 12 weeks (up until last Wednesday they hadn't even advertised for my job and I am the entire ILL department -- yikes!).  I realize I'd been upset because I was so worried about my work; I have thesis/dissertation students and faculty who heavily rely on medical research that I'm only able to obtain via interlibrary loan.  My dedication was causing me to flip my shit.  Now that it is settled I can honestly say I'm ready to pack up, have this baby, and stay at home until May!

Wish me luck with this work week; I pray it is a drama-free time of productivity!


picky said...

That is such a horrible feeling when you have that type of job. So stressful. I'm glad they've got somebody for the interim.

Sounds like a great weekend, especially the foot rubs. Ahhh.

Here's to an excellent week! And maybe baby soon. Fun!

Eva said...

So silly that your workplace took so long to get a stand-in! Glad it's all sorted now & can't wait to 'meet' Persephone. :)

Debi said...

Oh, it sounds like just the weekend you needed and deserved!!! I hope this work week treats as best it can...after all you've got some important business to be attending to here before long! Like Eva said, can't wait to meet your new little bundle of wonder and joy!

And thank Atticus for that excited face--I think he put a smile on a few people's faces he doesn't even know. :D

Andi said...

SO glad you had a perfect weekend! It sounds like nothing short of delightful!