Friday, March 7, 2008

Things I Learned This Week -- Volume 1

...or, A Shamelessly Stolen Post from the Awesome Sojourness...
  1. Motherhood is the most complicated, wonderful, frightening, tedious, and joyfilled job EVER.
  2. When I read for too long a stretch my eyes stay crossed for a good 15 minutes afterwards.
  3. I've curbed my impulse book buying (a bit), but yarn still gets me.
  4. I've missed the sunshine.
  5. Ox tail is, indeed, a meaty tail and looks disgusting.
  6. Blue jeans + scabby/healing tattoo + cat in need of a scratching post = pain.
  7. Graphic descriptions of spunk-filled condoms and used tampons dangling from a wire fence and whipping in the breeze (a.k.a. a sex tornado) can make me throw-up a Starbucks Honey Latte. (Please see Chuck Palahniuk's Rant for more vivid details).
  8. I should have bought that cute bag at Junkman's Daughter.
  9. One shouldn't have imaginary conversations with oneself in a public library restroom, folks tended to assume you've just escaped the loony bin.
  10. I'm very sad and lonely sleeping in my bed alone. The bed feels big and empty and cold even though the cat curls up next to me. And why do I still sleep on one side of the bed?


sojourness said...

Hey, thanks for dubbing me awesome :)

I am sorry about the bed thing. *Cyber hugs*

Imani said...

Is the honey latte good? I've been sticking to the same toffee nut drink for about 4 years now, with the occasional switch to seasonal fare, but I'm going to Starbucks today and feel a bit dangerous.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the hugs, april...

oh yes, IMani, it is divine...