Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Charles Dickens Month -- Post the Second

Here is is, Charles Dickens Tuesday once again.  Let's get started!

I haven't read as much of Our Mutual Friend as I would like I'm on page 134 (and let me remind you it is over 800 pages long) and I am enjoying the story so far.  My problem is that a Charles Dickens is not an "on the go" type of book.  Dipping into it while on break at work, or in line, or while dinner is cooking isn't advisable.  One must plunge head first into a Dickens tome and expect to put down roots.  Atticus was ill this weekend with an ear infection (a temperature of over 102!) and I didn't have much time to get lost in Dickensian settings.  But this week will be different.  I'm determined to get a solid chunk read by next Tuesday.

I don't even know how to explain the plot to you thus far.  I've been introduced to a bevy of characters:  Noddy and his wife who adores Fashion have recently seen their place in society lifted due to an unexpected inheritance, the Wilfer family who have been disappointed in some finances they hoped to gain by their daughter's marriage, the Mr. and Mrs. Lammle who I believe are up to no good and a bevy of others in society -- low and high -- and they will all figure in the plot in some fashion.  I'm expecting money will truly be the root of all evil in this book.

Monday evening I began watching the Daniel Radcliffe version of David Copperfield with Hope.  We just finished the first episode and it is quite good.  I haven't read the book since high school, but it is all coming back to me.  I love Maggie Smith's spunk as David Copperfield's aunt and Hope was tickled that "so many Harry Potter" folks were in the film.  We actually had a "teachable moment" while watching.  Hope was asking about the mistreatment of David Copperfield.  The idea of being flogged for not knowing lessons horrified her and she was also concerned when we discussed child labor and the Industrial Revolution. She really liked the film and wants to read the book one day (her ADHD can make large books quite a challenge to read).  Oh, yeah, I also forgot how slimy and creepy Uriah Heep is... shudder....

I keep telling myself quality not quantity... I hope you all have a terrific week.


TBM said...

After I read David Copperfield I'll have to look for this version of the film. I love Maggie Smith. I hope Atticus feels better soon. My cat is named Atticus Finch :)

Here is my posting for Dickens this week:


Good luck with Our Mutual Friend!

wutheringwillow said...

Hi! Hope Atticus is feeling better now.

Here's my Dickens post for this week,


Susan in TX said...

So sorry to hear Atticus was down this weekend, and hope he is feeling better. THANK YOU for the reminder quality not quantity! I've been trying not to get discouraged with my progress. I'm just now halfway in Bleak House - enjoying the book, but frustrated with how much my reading time has decreased. I had high hopes of getting 2 or 3 of CD's novels read this month -- how quickly I lose sight of reality when making a reading list! :)

Ted said...

Here's my second post on Our Mutual Friend, which I am really enjoying!


Lindsey Sparks said...

I keep meaning to watch that version of David Copperfield! Daniel Radcliffe and Maggie Smith - it must be wonderful!Plus, I really enjoyed that book; it's my second favorite Dickens novel after Bleak House.

Here's my second post, about Oliver Twist this time: http://lindseysparks.blogspot.com/2012/01/oliver-twist.html

Maggie May said...

I love Maggie Smith!

Haven't read this Dickens.

Rebecca said...

I haven't read David Copperfield OR Our Mutual Friend but looking forward to both at some point! Cool that David Copperfield could be a teaching moment for your daughter.

I wrote a casual post about my thoughts on Bleak House about 60% finished. It's spoilerific, though, so it's for those who've read it. I'm really enjoying reading it!


Becky said...

I've got a Dicken's matching game.

Jillian said...

Enjoy Our Mutual Friend! Oliver Twist is the only novel I've read by Dickens so far -- but I agree: you can't cut in for five minutes and then abandon it. That was a shock to me as I tried to read it between students while tutoring last year!

Anonymous said...

All the best with your reading!
I've been watching the first part of the new BBC tv production of The Mystery of Edwin Drood - second part to-night. A creepy interpretation!
Here is my Dickens post for week two - http://all the difference-books.blogspot.com/2012/01/katey-life-and-loves-of-dickenss-artist.html

Ruthiella said...

I am almost finished with Dickens, A Life. I have only about 100 pages to go. I am enjoying it, however, be warned, if you haven't read a particular Dickens novel, the biography gives away (too) much of the plot of certain books. No problem for those I have read or books like Oliver Twist where I have absorbed the story without ever having read the book. Big problem for Dombey and Son, 'cause now I know what happens.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree about really taking time to savor the words of Charles Dickens. :)

Sad to hear about Atticus and I hope he feels better. I had an ear infection once and it wasn't fun at all especially when it acts up at night and all you wanna do is sleep.

Daniel Radcliffe looks so innocent in that picture! :)

Anyway, here is my second Charles Dickens post.

Mandy @ Adventures in Borkdom said...

A little late, but here is my Dickens post this week. I discuss how Dickens masterfully utilizes characterization in Bleak House.

Adventures in Borkdom

Becky said...

I've got a review of The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale.

Kay said...

I had no idea Daniel Radcliffe was in something else prior to being Harry Potter! How cool :)

My first Dickens post for the month:

Hope it matches the theme :)

neer said...

First Impressions of Drood.

Cassandra said...

Okay, I know I am really late and this post is actually for November's Autumn's Classic challenge, but since it is about Sydney carton *swoons* it counts, right? ;)