Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo Friday: What $15, 30 childless minutes, and a charity bookshop will get you...

This week has been a busy week and weird.  My normally normal work schedule was thrown off and messed me up royally.  Usually I work days with a closing shift on Wednesdays.  This week I closed on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  And I worked 6 days in a row (one shift was a mere 3 hours, but it felt sooooooo long).  And we had a ginormous rat in the library that -- of course -- showed up during my shift.  And it rained some more in the library.  And we had creepy half-propped back door open at 10pm in the library and I had to investigate.  And students were screaming at me about holds because they hadn't returned the $311 worth of books they borrowed in 2010 and how dare I prevent their registering late....

OMG.  Can I have a bakery/bookstore/coffeeshop/vintage boutique/embroidery shop yet?  I like my actual job duties (ILL) but I can not take the random ridiculous bullshit.  Seriously, I would not be surprised if I walk in on a plague of locusts on Tuesday.  I am working on a Charles Dickens display and that rocks.  I'm totally planning on making a Victorian Sponge Cake for the library in early February in celebration of Charles Dickens's birthday.  Book dorks who bake are eccentric creatures. 

There is good stuff going on too... it just seems like my messed up sleep pattern/work schedule has impacted my reading and mood.  Good things -- anniversary weekend!  Sam and I were going to go on a mega-thrifting day trip but the co-parent, Shannon, has the flu, so we've tweaked our plans.  My MIL is coming over for a few hours so we can get lunch and do something.  I want to go bowling.  Sam wants to "walk around."  I say bowling sounds more exciting!

I got a hair cut.  I made a lot of good recipes.  Baked a pan of brownies.  Figured out my collection development policy (nerd snort).  Listened to loads of Magnetic Fields.  Drank more coffee than healthy.  Oh, and I LOST 5 LBS.  Yay!

Tonight I'm going to attempt bed at a decent hour (if going to bed at 11pm and waking at 5am is decent.  See you cats later.


Beth @ More Than True said...

I think "The British Eccentric" might be one of the best titles *ever*. And that solitaire book looks brilliant.

If we ever meet up in person, we'll have to swap Random Desk Shift stories. Preferably over stiff drinks. :)

Chris said...

Aw congrats on y'alls anniversary :D Your dream job sounds AMAZING and I would LOVE to work there if you ever get that shop :p In fact, I would totally pick up and move to work there. And great book buys!!

Heather said...

Moosewood!!! Woo hooo! I love their recipes.

The Observations was a good book; looking forward to your thoughts.

I'm totally in for the bbcvbe shop. That sounds amaaaazing. And happy anniversary you guys!!!

Hey, I'm going to Asheville next month. Haven't you been there, to visit a friend? Where do I need to go? :D

Andi said...

What a week! I hope things are back to semi-normal this week. I'm struggling with the snot monster as is standard in these parts with a rollercoaster winter (sucks!), and I have my head buried in WICKED. :D

Amanda said...

@Beth -- it is super interesting. And yes, desk stories over stiff drinks is a must. LOL!

@Christ -- I'll let you know if I ever get my dream shop!

@Heather -- Asheville is great! Check out Malaprops and Downtown Books and News!

@Andi -- I read Wicked a few years again while battling a particularly *wicked* head cold.