Friday, August 21, 2009

Twenty Year Meme Revisited

Last August I completed this meme. I thought I might make it an annual event. The pairing of examining the past, musing on the present, and looking towards the future is not only fun, but somewhat therapeutic.

The Twenty-Year Meme

20 years ago I:

1. Lived in Clermont, Georgia and was 9 years-old.

2. Had a huge crush on Joey from New Kids on the Block.

3. Read youth biographies about Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots.

4. Spent my summers up in a plum tree.

5. Loved French Toast and poached eggs.

6. Decided I wanted to be a scientist and wall-papered my room with nature photos.

10 years ago I: (1999)

1. Got pregnant with Hope.

2. Began college.

3. Dissected a pig in biology.

4. Read Atlas Shrugged.

5. Had many international friends.

6. Worried about being a mother.

5 years ago I: (2004)

1. Graduated from college with a degree in English.

2. Spent a summer working at Blockbuster and a bookstore.

3. Read the Harry Potter series for the first time.

4. Started working at the library.

5. Broke up with Ex-Boyfriend.

6. Stupidly, began dating Ex-Boyfriend again.

3 years ago I: 2006

1. Moved to my current apartment.

2. Hope began Kindergarten.

3. Started by love affair with yarn.

4. Read War and Peace.

5. Went to visit a good college friend in Asheville (we had a blast).

6. Moved from Technical Services at the library to Patron Services.

So far this year I: (2009)

1. Have read 35 books.

2. Had my Monroe re-pierced and got several new tattoos.

3. Started co-habitating with Sam.

4. Became obsessed with embroidery and baking.

5. Started learning how to sew.

6. Immersed myself in historical and Victorian literature.

Yesterday I:

1. Helped proctor an exam.

2. Ate sushi for lunch.

3. Experienced the back-to-school flux of people at the library.

4. Went to the ONLY local fabric/craft store and was disappointed that they had a slim embroidery section.

5. Went to dinner with Mom at Red Lobster; I enjoyed gobs of delicious food and excellent conversation.

6. Snuggled with Sam on the couch.

Today I:

1. Spent some time working the library front desk.

2. Drank 3 cups of coffee.

3. Read The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman on my lunch break.

4. Arrived home from work and took a 2 hour nap filled with disturbing dreams.

5. Will spend the evening watching Lord of the Rings with Hope.

6. Since I had a nap, I plan on staying up late to start a new embroidery project.

Tomorrow I will:

1. Work at the library for nearly the entire day.

2. Clean-up the house, scrub the bathroom, and do some laundry.

3. Read Philip Pullman.

4. Plan menus for the next week.

5. Bake something for Hope to take to school with her.

6. Spend some couch time with Sam watching a movie.

In the next year I will:

1. Have a ten year old little girl.

2. Turn 30!

3. Get married.

4. Move to Athens.

5. Have a honeymoon in Asheville, NC.

6. Pay off all of my credit card debit and start snipping away at my student loan debt.

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