Monday, September 7, 2009

Look Who Came to Dinner ...

Three of our favorite peeps: Spencer, Catherine, and Zoe.

Luckily, Catherine offered to be my food paparazzi and photographed the meal I made. Above is Italian Sausage, Fresh Tomato, and Peccarino Penne from the September magazine.Cooking Light

Onion, tomato, fresh basil, sausage, noodles, and gobs of cheese ...

Align CenterHere we have Savory Almond Basil Biscotti. This was a bit of a mash-up from several recipes on the internet.

Green Beans photographed oh-so-artistically by Catherine.

Hope digging into the pasta.

Sam approves this meal.

After dinner we ladies went thrifting; for $20 I picked up two dresses, one sweater, a handbag, and a top for Hope.

To finish out the evening we enjoyed some Lemon-Rosemary Olive Oil Cupcakes (also from this month's Cooking Light) and coffee. The pictures of the cupcakes didn't turn out because I was taking the pics by this time and I lack Catherine's photographing powers.


Andi said...

Holy Jesus, that meal looks delicious! The cupcakes sound interesting. I'll have to try those. OH, I did try your chai cupcakes with ginger/cream cheese frosting a while back and they were a HUUUUUGE hit in my house.

Great thrifting, too!

Traci said...

Looks delicious! Definitely inspires me to entertain... maybe I should have some friends over soon (wish you guys could come to Colorado)!

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you like the Chai cupcakes, Andi.

Traci -- we'll start walking your way.