Monday, September 28, 2009


... my first crocheted hat

... a homemade pumpkin spice latte

... scribbles in my journal

... a trip to the public library

... time for people I love

... an apple crisp, coffee, crafts, and fun with a friend

... time to stitch


Catherine said...

2 highlights.

i'd dress up like a bookshelf...

and it's a good thing.

thanks for a lovely night! i wish you guys had to come to athens regularly so i could reciprocate.

Amanda said...

LOL! Yes ... those were highlights! Maybe next year we will in Athens regularly (as in all the time...whoot)!

Eva said...

Fun!! And I see the cover of Ghost Hunters in the library pic. :D

Giggly said...

You are making some wonderful things!!

Andi said...

Looks heavenly to me! Every bit of it!

Glenda said...

hiya, I am too in the blogfest and just pop by to say hi,love your blog,.love from Glenda

Amanda said...

Eva-- I can't wait to start Ghosthunters. I'm making mayself work on my other pile of books first!

Giggly -- you are an an awesome maker of things! I told my friend Catherine -- above -- that you emailed with Jenny Hart and she was appropriately in awe.

Andi -- You've been making stuff as well, missy. Like BUNS IN THE OVEN!

Glenda -- thanks for stopping by!!!

Clair said...

Pumpkin spice latte. *sigh*

I would so like to like coffee. It so much more interesting than tea.

Good luck with the blogtoberfesting :)