Saturday, September 26, 2009

RIP Read the Second: Who Wants a Green Bottle? and Other Uneasy Tales

Yesterday, I completed my second RIP read, Tod Robbins' Who Wants a Green Bottle? and Other Uneasy Tales. The book is out of print, but luckily I was able to obtain a copy via Interlibrary Loan. The book is comprised of several short stories all of which I enjoyed immensely. Below are some highlights:

"Toys": Fate purchases a toy replica of an actual town and proceeds to burn, maim, destroy with inhabits of the actual town.

"Who Wants a Green Bottle?": Apparently, freaky miniature souls crawl out of our mouths when we die and proceed to live in a wall which is hell. Unless, you can trap the wee soul troll in a green glass bottle.

"Cockrow Inn": An insufferable hangman hangs a pirate and then is promptly haunted by said pirate on Halloween. And the dead pirate ghost knocks up the hangman's girlfriend.

"Spurs": This is the story that inspired the film Freaks. A little person in the circus exacts revenge on his haughty money grubbing wife by forcing her to carry him on her shoulders while he kicks golden spurs into her flesh.

Creepy. In other creepy news, have you heard about this movie? I hope it comes out in my neck of the woods.

I'll be indulging in some more R.I.P. reading this evening as I continue reading Ex-Libris. It is rainy and gray outside and I will be alone this evening. Sam is going to a metal concert called September to Dismember. Meanwhile I'll be reading, baking an apple crisp, knitting, and listening to Fleet Foxes. Talk about divergent interests.

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