Monday, October 19, 2009

Da Vinci at the High and a Sojourn in a Metal Coffee Shop

On Saturday, Sam and I made our way to the High Museum of Art to see the Da Vinci exhibit.

That is one big horse.

Sorry for the silly face. This was the fifth time we tried to take a picture of ourselves; I kept telling Sam I was too short and he needed to hold the camera lower. This is my menacing art nerd face.


This is our first time visiting Java Lords in little Five Points. The coffee was okay, but the atmosphere was... unique and completely worth navigating streams of drunken hipsters clogging up L5P. Picture a coffeehouse/bar playing throbbing metal music and having an equal mixture of crazy drunks and people reading.

While at Java Lords we met Skinny (Joey) and Ripper (Ben). Tattooed crazy metal heads who completely sense "the Metal" in Sam. Ripper was wearing a HUGE necklace with the Hammer of Thor and was drinking whiskey from a ram horn. That's right, a ram horn.

It was an exhausting and exciting day, hopefully Sam and I will get to take another day trip to the big city soon.


Catherine said...

that is one mother effing coffee shop. for reals. and of course they sensed "the metal" in sam. he would need to walk around holding the "metal orbs" pose with his hands to be any more obvious. :)

i love the menacing art nerd face. that's pretty much my go-to face every morning at 8am, when i trudge into art school.

Thomas said...

I love that giant horse. Is it always at the High or is it part of the Davinci exhibit?