Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Autumn Baking: A Survey

I'm really in the mood to bake something. I'm hoping to bake something tomorrow, Thursday at the latest.

The problem is that I'm overwhelmed by all of the excellent looking recipes I'm finding on the web. In fact, I need your help in figuring out what to bake.

The choices:

Pecan Carrot Cookies
Pumpkin Brownies with Pecans
Pumpkin Scones with Autumn Spice Glaze

Have an opinion? Vote in my survey! The survey closes at 12 p.m. tomorrow, so hop to it!

Click Here to take survey

If you happen to work with me, live with me, or stop by to see me you will actually get to try a treat. Everyone else will have to make do with pictures.

EDIT: I accidentally linked the wrong recipe for the Pumpkin Brownies with Pecans. Apparently, I have too many brownie recipes bookmarked! If you clicked to the link I had before it was for Chocolate and Peanut Butter Brownies. I'll make those at a later date.


Catherine said...

ummmm... i think i'm making those scones tonight. so i'm voting for something else.

Giggly said...

Yummmm!! OK I am voting now.