Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Eats

Today my friend Catherine and her family came over to dinner. The menu was spectacular. We had:

-- Chicken and Brown Rice with Chablis and Herbs
-- Molasses roasted butternut squash, carrots, and pecans
-- Sweet potato muffins
-- Honey cake with vanilla bean ice cream and caramelized apples
-- Coffee

The best recipes were the sweet potato muffins and the honey cake and both of those recipes came from Ari over at Baking and Books.

I was a bit frenzied while putting everything together, my apartment kitchen is teeny tiny. I had the slow cooker and the Kitchen Aid mixer on the counter and that pretty much took the entire counter. It was a bit like playing a game; to take something out of the oven I had to move stuff around on the makeshift counter (the stove and any other flat, stationary item).

All this to say we feasted and I didn't take one damn picture. You'll just have to image it in your head.


Catherine said...

i'm remembering it fondly... and laughing maniacally that no one else gets to see it.

thanks for the linkage, since i'm a spazz and forget things like web addresses.

planettreasures said...

Yum, sounds delish, and baking and books has some great recipes.
so much for the diet!

Andi said...

I soooo want to try those sweet potato muffins. They sound wonderfullll!

Amanda said...

It was pretty great food if I say so myself!