Sunday, October 25, 2009

Poor Hope

For the past month, Hope has had a problem with flare ups of painfully itchy skin. We've been to the doctor and tried every holistic method available. We've also tried Zyrtec and Benadryl, which help a bit but not for long. She has an appointment with an allergist on Wednesday and until then she can't take any medication.

We were going go see a movie today, but Hope was itchy and getting very frustrated. Instead we stayed home and I buckled and gave her one of her Christmas presents early. It was the Golden Retriever Webkinz she wanted and she's played with it all afternoon (note that her user name is "coffeenerd"). Hope has also heard me say "quit scratching" about a billion times.

Look at how awful it is.....


Giggly said...

Oh noes! Poor Hope. Rashes are so sucky!! :-/

Plasmocat said...

Have they tried steroid cream for her? That's worked for me in the past.