Friday, October 23, 2009

What in the Hell?

About twice a week my neighbor creeps outside -- like at 11 0'clock at night -- and sweeps the entire back patio. She arranges the things on my side into little lines.

Then she brings out the hose.

After hosing down the patio, she hoses down THE ENTIRE BACK OF THE BUILDING.

So say its midnight on a day in October, the upstairs windows are left slightly open to let in a bit of the crisp fall air, I'm sitting on the can doing my business and WHAM! I get sprayed with icy cold water. She is hosing down my second story bathroom window.

What in the hell?

I feel bad hearing her sweep. Should I be doing that? Is this some valuable piece of cleaning and I'm a complete jerk because I'm not outside in my P.J.'s hosing down the back of the apartment building?

I will admit I don't sweep that much. Hope plays with the leaves, I think the fall leaves are pretty, and after all -- the apartment complex is supposed to take care of leaves and they don't.

(shhhhhhh.... I'm listening to her doing her "ritual" right now)

Now she is at the front of the building. Moving my things so that she can sweep and hose down the front porch. Most likely she will do what she always does and leave my welcome mat in the grass. I think this is her passive aggressive hint.

I just act like I don't realize what she is doing. God bless oblivion!


Someone help me out with this, I'm confused.

*I want to point out that I used great restraint with my titling of this post; it was almost "Bitching about Hose."


Anonymous said...

Wow, the world is full of crazy people, why on earth would you do this so late at night, for a start? Tread carefully you don't want to start something that gets out of hand, since you have to live next door. My neighbours thought they had the right to posion my trees, throw rubbish in my yard, rocks at the house and pour coke in the mail box and I still don't know for sure why they sarted behaving this way, my only consolation, (if you can call it that) is that the previous owners when they found out contacted me and apologised telling me they recieved even worse treatment from them. Sounds pathetic I know but don't give you crazy neighbour any reason to behave any worse, she probably thinks she is doing you a favour, maybe? Nothing like an unexpected hose down on a chilly night to keep life interesting! I'm with you about the leaves, I think they are nice were they fall and kids love to play with them, life is way to busy to be that anal about keeping a patio clean. Good luck with the neighbour!

Thomas said...

I laughed out loud about the cold spray of water. One doesn't expect that when attending to one's "needs".

Maybe she has extra needs and frustrations that she works out by cleaning. You could take advantage of this by getting her to do some of your housework. For instance you might leave some dirty dishes on the steps. Or leave some shoes out to be shined.

Giggly said...

Ha! ha! This is so funny because I had a neighbor who did the same thing!! I always acted oblivious too. LOL My neighbor was even more weird and would sit at our steps and clip his yucky toe nails over the deck.